Shinryo's Strength

We notice that growth and success of our Company is largely dependent on having strong and capable staff force. We also recognize the contributions of employees help us maintain the position we enjoy in the industry. Therefore, we are committed to investing in our people, and in turn to maintain our quality services to clients. We provide a wide range of training programs in house & externally sourced.

Local and overseas training:

Shinryo Training Section provides over 50 courses each year to enhance staff capability, ranging from classroom sessions, seminars to award programs. To grasp updated information and bring about innovation to client, we send staff overseas for studies and visits.

Diversified training programme:

We believe that diversified and suitable training programs help lift staff quality so we provide various categories of trainings including engineering design, works planning, project management, T&C, contract law, risk and assessment study, budget control, interpersonal skills, efficient communications, leadership and etc.

In Japan, Modular Construction is an immediate evolution of pre-fabrication and it is popular E&M installation method. Here is one of Shinryo Corporation overseas project examples of modular construction - Modular Pump Units in Tokyo Women’s Medical College.

In 2003, Shinryo (HK) Ltd. started applying her Japanese parent company’s (Shinryo Corporation) modular construction in Hong Kong projects. One of the modular constructions is modular pipe riser and it has been adopted successfully in Three Pacific Place.

Advantages of Modular Construction:

  • Reduced project delivery time
  • Better quality control
  • Greater predictability
  • Reduced construction waste
  • Higher productivity
  • Optimized layouts
  • Reduced site labour = reduced risk in safety and environmental
  • Concurrent engineering off-site
Modular Pump Unit

We understand that advance-technology and visionary approach are ways to satisfy our client needs. Therefore, we have been concentrated our efforts on innovative idea on E&M building services installation. As we are strongly supported by our parent company Shinryo Corporation, our new installation method and creative idea will be developed in our R&D center in Japan.

9 Research & Development Chambers:

  • Fluid
  • Sound & Vibration
  • Water treatment
  • Structure
  • Engineering
  • Nuclear
  • Mechatronics
  • Environmental Simulation
  • Biological
R&D Center n Tukubashi Ibaraiken, Japan

We have our own Testing and Commissioning (T&C) team to carry out this critical portion of the work aiming to satisfy ourselves and most importantly the client. Our well-trained T&C personnel would study the systems and the testing requirements in order to make suitable preparation. All requirements for intermediate testing and pre-commissioning are carried out in due time before the T&C. Finally, all systems and installation will be tested, commissioned, & tuned to perform in accordance with the design requirements before clearing the final step – “Handover of the Works/ Installations to the client”.

Being one of the leading E&M Contractors in Hong Kong, we understand only supplying and installation of E&M services have been found insufficient to satisfy client’s needs especially for a complex and heavily serviced building. To provide total solution for E&M installation, we set up wholly owned subsidiary Shinryo Technical Services Limited (STS) in 2004 to provide top quality maintenance services.

STS is led by the motivated management with a team of skilled and dedicated staff. Its professionalism is clearly reflected in the quality of its results importantly beneficial to the clients. The technical staff supplement the Property Manager by ensuring a smooth transition from project site to operational building as well as looking after the long term life of the building services. Apart from maintenance services, STS also carries out the E&M Fit-out, addition & alternation, system retrofit works and even expands its work portfolio into facilities management services.

Maintenance office specially set-up for MTRC Tsueng Kwan O line Building Services installation.

STS’s Mission:

To provide quality comprehensive services to enhance trouble free environment friendly living facilities in Hong Kong and vicinities.

Asia is increasingly turning to large scale heating and cooling systems for multiple buildings in order to achieve such objectives as reducing air pollution, saving energy, countering global warming, as well as and marking efficient use of new energy sources.

Shinryo has been involved in railway projects due to its strength in tunnel ventilation systems, electrical and mechanical services for underground stations and tunnels.

Ever since our establishment, we have utilised our engineering knowledge and construction capabilities in successfully completing and delivering numerous projects to our clients of various industries and sectors to their satisfaction.

Seawater pumping plants are major organ in the water cooled air conditioning systems in Hong Kong. They require large scale pump sets and related equipment as well as heavy grade piping materials.

Shinryo (Hong Kong) Limited was established in 1982. Prior to the establishment of Shinryo (Hong Kong) Limited, the parent company, Shinryo Corporation of Tokyo, Japan conducted business in Hong Kong.

Facility Management is a newly established division of Shinryo. Dedicating to facilitate our customers the peace of mind and satisfaction, we adopt a solution-oriented approach for providing a comprehensive range of one-stop shop services that cover the management of E&M systems, energy, security, operation and maintenance of the installed facilities, and more.